About Center Island

Center Island is small, private island in San Juan County, WA located inside Lopez Pass near the south end of Decatur Island in the protected waters of Reads Bay on Lopez Sound. This beautiful and pristine area is home to abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

The San Juan Islands enjoy an average of 247 days with sunshine and about half the rainfall of Seattle, thanks to the rain shadow effect of the Olympic Mountains to the south. The temperatures are mild year round with temperatures in the summer months around 70 degrees and about 40 degrees in the winter. While there are only about 20 inches of annual rainfall, rainy and windy periods can be expected during the winter months.

Transportation on/off the island is either by boat or airplane. There is no public access and the public ferries do not come to Center Island. While many residents use commercial water or air taxi services, most residents use private boats or planes.  The airstrip has tie down areas for planes, and the two community docks are available on a first come/first serve basis for boaters who do not have alternate moorings of their own.

The nearest commercial facilities are located on Lopez Island which offers several shops, restaurants, library, medical/dental services, schools, churches, building supplies, marine solid waste disposal and access to the State ferry system. Center Island residents may keep a car at the Hunter Bay dock on Lopez Island, which is about a ten-minute boat ride away. 

Decatur Island, another private island is even closer. It boasts a wonderful K-8 school that is part of the Lopez Island School District. There is a small general store and in the warmer months, a Saturday farmers' market.

Mail is delivered to the island six days a week, but sometimes very large parcels must be delivered to the mainland. Mail and packages may also be delayed due to weather.

Center Island contains a plat of 175 lots containing approximately 120 residences, most of which are vacation homes, with the owners comprising the Center Island Association. The summer months are the busiest, especially when its crabbing season! We have several holiday events including pot lucks and even a golf cart parade.

The community is close-knit and friendly. Many projects are undertaken by volunteer work parties. Help from the community is readily available to assist the Caretaker in accomplishing more difficult tasks, or where additional expertise may be required. The Caretakers are treated as a welcome member of our unique and special community.  

Privately owned gas operated vehicles are not allowed on the island. Some residents use electric or battery powered golf carts for transportation on the island. Two pickup trucks as well as a tractor with trailer are available for residents to transport goods between their properties and the docks or airstrip. Another pickup truck is dedicated for exclusive use by the Caretaker.

Pets are allowed as long as they are well behaved and kept on a leash in the common areas.

The Association is responsible for the management of community facilities, including an airstrip, docks, water system, roadways, vehicles, sports court, community clubhouse, boat storage yards, maintenance shop, fuel storage, separate private Caretaker’s quarters, and equipment.

See video below posted on You Tube by a new property owner in 2008. Some things have changed, but not much!  

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